As traduções de Inglês-Português envolvem muita responsabilidade na medida em que têm de ser fidedignas aos conteúdos e às mensagens que se pretende transmitir.

Nos casos em que há muita carga idiomática o tadutor deve recorrer à imaginação, à creatividade e à intuição para ser fiel à verdade dos textos.


The English-Portuguese translations involves great responsability because they have to be faithfull to it’s contents and to the messages they intend to transmit.

In the cases in which there is intense ideomatic language the translator should recall imagination, creativity and intuition so that he can be loyal to the veracity of the texts.

I translate english to portuguese since a long time ago. I lived in the United States of América, California, for four years, and in England, London for two years. For me, that turned english into a first language and made me able to translate with accuracy, texts, books and magazines – work which i have been performing for a while now.

Data from my CV:

I have a degree in International Relations, from University Autónoma in Lisbon(1994);

A Post -graduation in Theory and Diplomatic Practises, From Lusíada University(2006);

Currently i am attending the Masters Degree in Tourism and Comunication from Faculdade de Letras in Lisbon.This Course includes subject: English for Specific Purposes and English for Touristic Goals;

I have the Certificate of Proficiency in English(C.P.E.), from Oxford Institut of Languages (1996);